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Welcome to the Freemasons RC
A Masonic Motorcycle Riding Club.

Welcome to the fastest growing Masonic Motorcycle Organization in America. With over 1500 members, we are one of the largest groups of Motorcycling Masons in America.

Just by clicking on the link to this page, you have expressed an interest in this organization. Whether you want to join the Freemasons RC or start a Chapter, you have come to the right page. Fun & Fellowship is what this organization is about.

The main thing we wanted to eliminate with this organization, was the political problems, and the 'structure'. The jockeying for position and supremacy seems to be the biggest problem for most organizations.

We really want this organization to be more about fun and fellowship than anything else. Our main rule. Conduct yourself accordingly when wearing the Freemasons Insignia. Act as if you were in Lodge.

Membership to Freemasons RC is limited to Master Masons, recognized by the Grand Lodge of their State or Territory.

Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts are welcomed as Provisional members. Full membership is achieved upon being raised to the Sublime degree of Master Mason.

Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts should not wear the FMRC Shield untill they are raised.

Membership is lifetime** and is $75.00. All new members receive a small Patch and Membership Card. The Membership Card is valid, as long as you hold a Current and Valid Dues card from your Blue Lodge. Membership fee does not include the cost of a Back Patch. Back Patches remain the property of Freemasons RC. There is a rental fee of $65.00 on the back patch. Rental is for the duration of your membership. The Back Patch must be returned upon separation from the FMRC. We refer to the patch as our Coat of Arms . If you want a Coat of Arms, let us know. It is not required that you have one.

We do not have yearly Dues. (Chartered Chapters pay $20 per year.)

All Membership to Freemasons RC is through the Grand Chapter only.
There is no membership through a Chapter.

You will find information on starting a new chapter, here.

If there are 24 or more, in one Country that start a chapter, we can have that Country's Flag included in the Background of our Shield.

Or if you would like to join via regular mail, you can go to: You can choose the appropriate Applications you will need.

We also have the newly formed Ladies Auxiliary. A sister organization that is an option for the ladies of our Members. Members please contact us via email or phone to get a lady signed up.

When joining the Freemasons Riding Club, please be advised that if you join online, it takes up to 4 days* or so to process your application. When mailing your application in, it may take as long as 2 weeks*.

* Does not include weekends and holidays

** Lifetime Membership is subject to holding a Current and Valid Dues card from your Blue Lodge and the Agreement and Terms of the Freemasons Riding Club.


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